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Veritatis Media offers a comprehensive array of media production and marketing services - from digital to print to broadcast asset production - integrated, cross-channel marketing strategies, and professional consulting on all of the above.



Veritatis Media is equipped to handle any scope or scale of media production and/or marketing project.  We specialize in all things digital but also have a solid background in more traditional forms and methods.


Veritatis Media is happy to partner with any Catholic institution, organization, ministry, or mission that upholds the doctrine and values of the Catholic faith and is dedicated to bringing souls to Christ by spreading

the truth, beauty, and light of the Gospel through their work. 



Veritatis Media's mission is to provide professional media production and marketing services to support and promote the work of Catholic institutions, organizations,

ministries, and missions, and to create Catholic narrative content for

the purpose of evangelization and discipleship.

As agents of God's missionary Church and the New Evangelization, Veritatis Media

will endeavor to spread the truth, beauty, and light of the Gospel through

creative visual media and digital and traditional marketing channels to

affect positive change and growth in the Catholic community worldwide.

Saint Bonaventure, Patron of Veritatis Media


"Known as "the seraphic doctor" and "the apostle of truth," Saint Bonaventure, thought of

Christ as the "one true master" who offers humans knowledge that begins in faith, is

developed through rational understanding, and is perfected by mystical union with God."

Saint Bonaventure, pray for us.


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