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Marriage Through the Lens of Scripture Series

Shot in the beautiful Ste. Anne de Detroit church,

Marriage Through the Lens of Scripture is a 4-part series presented by

Father John Riccardo, produced for Calling Couples to Christ marriage ministry.

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No Room at the Inn

Installation by Detroit artist, Chazz Miller, explores the similarity between the Holy Family and the plight of people living in garbage dump communities around the world, highlighting the mission and work of International Samaritan.  

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Spring Forward 2019

2019 Spring Forward was a Catholic young adult event hosted by the

Catholic Foundation of Michigan at the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck, MI

in support of Fleece &Thank You.

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MAUBC Life in Bloom 2019

Life in Bloom was the 35th annual fundraising banquet hosted by

Mother and Unborn Baby Care (MAUBC) in support of their mission to help women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies.

Eddie's Story thumbnail.png
Eddie's Story
(Modern Parables Project, Spring 2020)

Eddie's Story is the premier episode of the Modern Parables Project,

modern stories of conversion, faith, and testimony woven with theological teaching and Christian music.

Holy Spectacles thumb.png
Holy Spectacles
(Short Film, Spring 2020)

A story about the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist as envisioned by a grandfather and imparted to his grandson who is about to receive his First Holy Communion.